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Client Testimonial

To the WestAus Ladies

A special thank you from me to you. You have been the angels sent to help me. I cannot express my gratitude enough. You took a shot on me and it paid off. I will continue to not let you down. THANK YOU for everything.

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Client Testimonial

As we all know, Disaster strikes when we least Expect it. It can fly your life upside down. I do believe that Most of us has found ourselves in the situation where we feel we are stuck, and don’t know

Client Testimonial

I recently used your service when I was at risk of facing homelessness due to my periodic lease ending when the owner sold the property.As a single mum of 5 kids (4 foster) I was at my lowest with my

Client Comments

"I visited several other agencies, though the care I felt from WestAus went above and beyond" "I felt heard and I wasn't judged for the situation that I am in" "Riss was amazing. I didn't have a lot


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