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Healthy Breakfast Club: An Appreciation

This review has been shared with the knowledge and permission of the client.

Many of our students leave home without food in their belly and emptiness in their day. Breakfast Club is not only a great opportunity for them to have breakfast prior to start of the day. Each morning they are greeted by staff, just that simple gesture can alter a state of mind. Students also make a connection with their peers whilst sharing a meal.

Breakfast Club brings a community together in the aim of providing our students with a great start to the day, having a full belly and a clear mind. Our Breakfast Club not only feeds our body but also our minds and our hearts.

Last term involved no volunteers within our school grounds. This meant staff had to fill the gap. Staff from within the school ran Breakfast Club. This in itself shows how important we believe it to be.

Lee-Ane Walley

HASS/Culture Specialist

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