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Case Study: Emergency Relief After Medical Diagnosis

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

This story has been shared with the knowledge and permission of the client.

Client female (38 yrs.) with 12 year old son. Was working part-time casually. Life was good. Client son contracted Covid-19 twice. The second time her son also contracted Sepsis and became unwell. The client needed to stay home and look after him, as she had no friend/family support. This made the client mentally stressed and depressed. Client fell behind in rent as unable to maintain work hours, due to her caring role, including hospitalized during the same period. Housing Support Officer supported client with funds toward the rent arrears. Referred client to St Vincent De Paul to access further funds toward her rent arrears. Client took the initiative and contacted Centrelink and was able to return client Centrelink tax deductions, client placed these funds toward the rent arrears. The Housing Support Officer kept in contact with the client and supported with Emergency Relief and emotional support, as the client had been hospitalized due to a medical issue. The client was conscious that she had never had to ask for funds from an agency before. Overwhelmed with her situation.

The client felt that she had let herself and son down. The Housing Support Officer reiterated and stated to client that this was a short-term issue. Once her son regained his health the client returned to former workplace, was happy to be working and making money again. The client felt that she had regained her sense of worth. The client was extremely happy with the support and felt that Westaus Crisis and Welfare Service had seen her and guided her through a tough situation in her life. Prior to the Housing Support Officer closing file, tenancy was saved and prevented the client becoming homeless.

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