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Client Testimonial

I recently used your service when I was at risk of facing homelessness due to my periodic lease ending when the owner sold the property.As a single mum of 5 kids (4 foster) I was at my lowest with my major concern that my foster children would suffer further trauma if they were removed due to us being homeless. After contacting nearly 30 organisations none could offer support or I did not meet their criteria. By accident I stumbled upon WestAus Crisis and it was the best thing that could have happened. When I found WestAus I was at my lowest, not sleeping, anxiety through the roof, not knowing where to turn or who could help me. My first phone call put me in touch with Riss from your organisation. I truly can't express what talking to Riss did for me, she made me feel at ease and that there was some hope out there, her manner was like talking to an old friend and was exactly what I needed. I cannot stress enough how low I was feeling and how Riss was able to pull me out of this. From here Riss put me in contact with Karen who to was unbelievable and went out of her way to support me and my family. Karen supported me in looking for rentals and even organised some viewings thanks to her connections. As a result of her support I was able to secure a rental for my family. I cannot thank Riss and Karen enough for their support, the service WestAus offer is amazing and without these two ladies I don't think we would have secure housing.

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Client Comments

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