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Client Testimonial

As we all know, Disaster strikes when we least Expect it. It can fly your life upside down. I do believe that Most of us has found ourselves in the situation where we feel we are stuck, and don’t know which side to turn to. Sometimes it is so hard that you can’t see the light of the other side of the tunnel and you are just about to want to give up. There is plenty of crisis care organizations that might be able to assist you with different things. But Most of them assists you With the basics and you are just another one on their list. You can see when someone is really going out of their way to help you. In my experience The group of WestAus Crisis Surely stands out. They're amazing team really goes out of their way to help you. Among the group is one specific person who shines out above all. KAREN Committed herself to assist me through the most difficult time in my life. She made me feel that everything is going to be OK. She is so committed to her work that she made me feel like If we work together, we will find A solution for my situation. But throughout the time that we were finding a solution she did not make me feel once that I was being forgotten. She rang me up every week to hear how I’m going. She spoke hope into me every week and guided me all the way. She didn’t make me feel like I was being looked down upon or anything less than anyone else. She was friendly every time I spoke to her She provided me with details of other places where I can Find more assistance. She is just one shining angel. It’s not every day you find someone that is that good in doing their work. To her it’s not only her job but something she’s got passion for. To those who find themselves in a hard situation and not sure who to turn to, I would truly suggest give WestAus Crisis a call. They will do the best they can. Well Done to the team of WestAus Crisis. We are lucky to have a team like yours in Mandurah And the team Can be grateful to have a colleague like Karen. I also would like to just say thank you to the mother’s group that Contributed to helping me. EVERY DONATION MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

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Client Testimonial

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Client Comments

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